Ugly Pineapple Zine – The Best Debut Zine

Our first zine is here and shining bright in ‘oh, all the things we could have done if we had of only known’ glory.

What’s Inside?

10 artists, 25 pages, colour cover and special colour insides (ooh la la!).

There was no theme. As a rule, Ugly Pineapple Zines never have a theme.

Why’d you make it?

This zine came as a combination of an existential crisis and a lot of pleading requests on Facebook. (Stop what you’re doing, you should follow ours. Seriously.)

When you’re a young creative it can feel near impossible to do anything with or for your art. We talk about these trials and tribulations here. Zines are a safe space to get all your angst out and scream at staplers and office works, for that matter…

How’d you make it?

We laid out the drafts on indesign, filled it with zine goodness, ordered the pages to induce feelings of randomness (but it’s a completely curated randomness). We then edited it three times (yes) and honestly, could have gone for a fourth but beer and pizza was running low. Invest in friends when editing a zine! And pizza!


It’s pretty sweet and spikey and rough and juicy. I may be biased, but really, do yourself a favour and support local talent!

Grab a copy here, and live your best, zine-filled life.



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