Help, I don’t know what a Zine is

Zines have such a long complicated history, and chances are unless you spend your every waking moment on etsy or living in the 80s, you’ve never come across one. It can feel a bit daunting, turning up on a sunny day to a market and seeing stalls upon stalls of paper and ink in various sizes. But it’s not that scary! And it’s not that weird! Promise.

So, what are they?

Zines are small self-published books. They are like magazines, only smaller. They can be filled with art, poetry, prose, design, music, fandom, comics, and so much more. They are collectible and hand-made, usually issues are only printed once.

How do you make a zine?

Glue, paper, collage, paintbrush, glitter, hopes, desperation, digitally, the choice is yours! Ugly Pineapple zines are usually scanned images placed into indesign to be printed and hand-stapled. This is just easier to collect artwork from all over the Illawarra, in our case. But if you are making it 100% by yourself, handmade with glue and scissors is just fine, and gives a little extra kick!

Can I make serious dollar bills making zines?

Zines aren’t around to make profits. They are here to make the world better. They are super fun and easy to make (especially with friends) and you can gain a small (but dedicated!) fan base. Zines are usually underground and seek to show new perspectives. It’s like showing a little piece of a fandom or personality.

Some of the best zines ever were just for punk kids, queer culture or super baseball fandoms. It really, and let me stress this – IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW SMALL YOUR AUDIENCE IS, or HOW NICHE YOUR SUBJECT IS. As long as your passionate, you’ll make a great thing.

Where can I find zines?

We first showed our zine at a zine fair, which is a great place to go if you wanna start collecting and learning more about zines. You can also go online and find special zine clubs, or digital editions. Etsy sells zines (like ours! wow!)

Joel Burrows, our very own super-editor, regularly runs zine workshops in Carlton as part of Workshop Theatre. Head down to one of those to get your zine on if you’re Sydney based!

Wanna know more about zines? Head here –


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