Promiscuous Pear Zine – Our Second Helping

Zines are like kids, you usually end up with more than one. Promiscuous Pear is our second zine, and had a very special debut with Copier Jam! at Wollongong Art Gallery! Big thanks to all involved in helping us be a part of the exhibition, and hosting our most fancy launch party yet.

What’s Inside?

8 artists and a more compact 20 pages, with colour cover and a special colour spread! Like all Ugly Pineapple zines, Promiscuous Pear had no theme. You can read why here.

What’s new with this zine?

Promiscuous Pear is more literary based than Ugly Pineapple. It features more poems, including a series by an anthropomorphic salamander. There is still beautiful art, including drawings, posters and paintings.

We also introduced three new voices to the contributing list, as well as welcoming back doe familiar faces from the previous zine.

It also features a handy QR code to the Facebook page on the back! Funnily enough – when we first started Ugly Pineapple had no Facebook page!


We’re still the same, even if we like more fruit now.

Grab a copy here, and live your best, zine-filled life.



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