Ugly Pineapple Publishing Guidelines

A quick go-to for all contributors.

Zine Code

We consider Ugly Pineapple, it’s launches, online platforms and publications to be safe spaces. For us, this means that they are places where discrimination, hate speech or threats are not allowed. This includes gender, sexuality, race, religion, class and age.

All artwork submitted to us must be your own. If using stock images, please cite the source!

Piece Specifications

For Prose: 

No more than 750 words!

For Poetry:

No more than 15 lines!

For Journalism: 

No more than 750 words! And must be cited where necessary, Harvard style. Bibliography is not included in max word count.

For Artwork:

No more than 3 A5 pages, black and white only.

If your piece is chosen for our spread, we will contact you to ask for a colour version 🙂

For Design: 

No more than 3 A5 pages! We will contact you to place it on our page to fit your design.

For Other: 

Please contact us!

Editing Process

We take two weeks to initially edit pieces.

After the first review, we will contact you with changes. You will have 1 week to discuss the changes with us.

Afterwards, we continue sub-editing until the publication date.



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