B(anana) Sides: Ugly Special 3

Hey Peach Lovers! Here are some designs that haven’t made it into the Ugly Pineapple experiment. Some of these pictures were Etsy exclusives, some are from my Instagram and some are pickings for the next zine. Stay tuned to find out. Mind the Spikes, Isabel Moon        

Wollongong Art Gallery: Zine Launch

Hey fruity kids! Do you want photos of our zine launch at the Wollongong Art Gallery? Do you want them in glossy HD with snazzy Instagram filters? Well then, here’s something even better! Enjoy: a scan from our local newspaper. Mind the Spikes, Isabel Moon

B(anana) Sides: Ugly Special 2

Waxworms By The Salamander The Ode to the Waxworm In a dozy suburb, under a clumsy strawberry patch. There are waxworms. Beneath the fresh air soil, and when your nails become dirt-filled. There are waxworms. On the path back to the laundry, on the hot spring stones, and your hands hold a defeated icy-pop stick,…

Ugly Pineapple Publishing Guidelines

A quick go-to for all contributors. Zine Code We consider Ugly Pineapple, it’s launches, online platforms and publications to be safe spaces. For us, this means that they are places where discrimination, hate speech or threats are not allowed. This includes gender, sexuality, race, religion, class and age. All artwork submitted to us must be…